KuzeyDoğa Society Reveals Biological Richness of Sarıkamış

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KuzeyDoğa Society is not only carrying out scientific research at Sarıkamış Allahuekber Mountains National Park and in the light of these scientific data, but also trying to reduce the conflict between large carnivores and the villagers by raising awareness and giving environmental education to local people.

Within the context of East Anatolia Wildlife Research and Conservation protocol signed between KuzeyDoğa Society and General Directorate of Nature Conservation and National Parks, and with local support of Kars Provincial Directorate of Environment and Forestry, KuzeyDoğa Society launched research projects on wolf, brown bear and lynx which are distributed in Sarıkamış Allahüekber Mountains National Park. As a first step, project is aiming to take the inventory of large carnivores inhabiting within the borders of Kars province. The first field study of the project was done with Nature Conservation and National Parks Kars Office Director Murat Doğanay. This project also includes the tracking of animals by their footprints, furs and scat analysis. Observing a mother bear and its two cubs in the area on this very first day of research, motivated the research team further.

By getting rid of the influence of cold winter, bears are leaving their caves and walking for long distances in order to find food. However this makes human and bear to face each other more frequently. For this reason KuzeyDoğa Society is implementing a project to minimize the conflict between wild animals inhabit in Sarıkamış forests and local people as well as to raise awareness of the local people about the importance of wildlife. Conservation of Carnivore Species of Kars, Preventing Large Carnivore-Human Conflicts and Promoting Wildlife Tourism Project supported by Global Environment Fund (GEF) Small Grants Program (SGP), will be implemented for one year in collaboration with Kars Governorship, Kars Directorate of Environment and Forestry, Kars Municipality, Born Free Foundation and Ministry of Environment and Foresty. Within the scope of this project, various seminars  about how large carnivores contribute to wildlife tourism and ecological development of the region will be given in the villages around Sarıkamış Allahüekber Mountains National Park. At the same time, training activities will be implemented for shepherds, bee-keepers and hunters and research activities will be carried out in collaboration with Kars Directorate of Environment and Forestry, Regional Directorate of Nature Conservation and National Parks. In the light of scientific data generated after this project an action plan will be prepared for reducing human-large carnivore conflict in collaboration with local people, students, shepherds, bee-keepers, hunters local administrations and Ministry of Environment and Forestry.

Please see the video of brown bear family at here.


By Alexander Pushkin

"I rode along a wide valley, surrounded by hills. Soon I saw Kars, standing out white on one of them. My Turk kept pointing it out to me, repeating '"Kars, Kars!'" and put his horse into a gallop. I followed him tormented by anxiety: it was in Kars that my fate would be decided."

Alexander Pushkin, "A Journey to Arzrum", 1829 

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